Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Christmas Read

A Magical Christmas by Heather Graham

Julie and Jo's life seems perfect on paper. Joe is a successful defense attorney making great money. Julie is starting to see success in her new career as a realtor. They have a beautiful home in Miami and three beautiful children. However, behind closed doors, things are not going as smoothly as people think. Their oldest daughter is sneaking around wth her boyfriend, Jordan is using drugs, Julie and Joe are on the verge of divorce, and the youngest child, six year old Ashley, is feeling the effects of all of the turmoil.

In an attemot to put the family back together, Julie and Joe arrange for a special Christmas away at an old historic Vrginian plantation.

I really enjoyed this quick and fun read.


Kris said...

Wasn't this a fun Christmas read? I loved it.

BookAddict said...

I loved it to. I liked this one better than Home in Time for Christmas. Though I liked that one too.