Sunday, September 11, 2011

Good Older YA!

Deadline by Chris Crutcher

What would you did if you found out you had one year to live? Would you tell your family and friends? Or keep it to yourself for as long as possible? These are the decisions Ben Wolf is forced to make when he gets the fateful news at his annual track physical. Ben chooses to try to make the most of his last year of high school - his last year of life. He drops track and goes out for football. He reads everything he can get his hands on. He challenges his teachers and fights for what he thinks is right. He even goes for the dream girl he might not stand a chance with.

I thought this book was funny, moving, and thought provoking. An great read.

The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
Hunger Games Trilogy Book 1

I finally gave in and read The Hunger Games. I have been avoiding it because I usually do not get into the whole dystopian genre. But I gave into the pressure and am so glad I did! I really enjoyed the book. It as fast paced and exciting. I have already run out and grabbed Catching Fire.

Every year one boy and one girl from each district are chosen to travel to the Capital and fight to the death in the Hunger Games. Can Peeta and Katniss survive? Will they be forced to eventually kill the other? Will one of them do what has not been done before - provide the impoverished District 12 with their first victor?

Two Short Stories

Proof by Susanna Hargreaves

Have you ever wondered what happens to us when we die? We know that energy is neither created nor destroyed, so where does our energy go when it leaves the body? This is a story about the loss of a loved one and finding the proof that there is existence of life after death.

The Ghost From Gilson Road by Susanna Hargreaves

Everyone in the town of Nashua had heard the stories about the ghosts in the Gilson Road cemetery for years. One night a group of friends enter the cemetery to see what would happen. hey were just about to leave when a group of bullies come along and disturb some graves. What happens when the dead cannot rest in peace? How do they communicate to those who can help them and how do they punish those who have disturbed their eternal slumber?

Both of these short stories were written by a teacher I work with. While I enjoyed both stories, I preferred the ghost story because we all know I love all things spooky!


Ghouls Ghouls Ghouls by Victoria Laurie
Ghost Hunter Series #5

In the latest case, MJ, Gilly, Heath, and the crew find themselves in Ireland where they must cross over to an isolated island, little more than a giant rock surrounded by a formidable sea, that holds a castle being protected by a large and powerful demon.

I love this series and this latest installment was not a disappointment!

New to Me Author

The Last Child by John Hart

One year ago, 12 year old Johnny Merrimon's twin sister went missing. Never to be seen or heard from again. Johnny's father took off. Johnny's mother made the quick decent into an impenetrable depression clouded by pain killers. And Johnny has spent every waking minute tracking local pedophiles, searching the woods, and looking for clues.

Now, as another young girl goes missing in the same small town, Detective Hunt is more determined than ever to catch who is responsible and must rely on Johnny's help to lead him in the right direction.

I thought this was an excellent story and look forward to reading more by this author.