Saturday, January 29, 2011


Sam's Letters to Jennifer by James Patterson

Jennifer is still reeling from the death of her husband Danny when she gets the call that her beloved grandmother (and best friend), Sam, is in a coma. Jennifer rushes to Sam's side and the lake house where she spent much of her childhood. She finds a stack of letters from Sam to her that tell Sam's secret love story. Reading the letters not only brings Jennifer closer to Sam but also opens her heart to allow herself to find love again.

Interesting YA

How I Live Now by Meg Rosoff

Fifteen year old Daisy is sent by her father and pregnant step-monster to England to stay with her Aunt Penn and cousins that she has never met. She immediately falls in love with Edmund, her 15 year old cousin, and develops a bond with the others. Aunt Penn is in Oslo working, so the kids are on their own living out an idyllic summer. Until suddenly, England has become occupied by an unnamed evil force and the country is thrown into a new world war.

This is an interesting story of survival and love. There were a lot of things that I liked about this story as well as several things that really bothered me. Such as a lot of big ideas/plot lines that go undeveloped and questions that go unanswered.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

43 Old Cemetary Road Book 2

Over My Dead Body by Kate Klise

Ignatius Grumply, Olive C Spence, and Seymour Hope are getting ready to publish the next installment of their ghost story. But their plans are interrupted when Dick Tater tries to put a stop to Halloween, ghost stories, and all things spooky. Dick Tater takes Iggy away to a home for the mentally ill when he finds out Iggy is writing the book with a ghost and Seymour is taken to an orphange.

The second book in the 43 Old Cemetary Road series is another fun, quick, and clever installment. Great for reluctant readers!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

This is a really fun one!

Middle School is Worse Than Meatloaf by Jennifer L Holm

This is the story of Ginny a 7th grader in Pennsylvania. The story is told through "stuff" like drawings, receipts, notes, report cards, homework, etc. bt it all comes together to tell the story of Ginny's seventh grade year. Not just what happened at school, but also with her friends, her brothers, and her Mom getting remarried.

This book will be great for my reluctant readers.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Final Book of the Wake Trilogy

Gone by Lisa McMann

Janie and Cabel are back. They have just graduated high school and are enjoying at relaxing vacation in the sun at Cabel's brothers lakeside cabin before their next assignment from Captain. They are out f school, looking forward to college, have a great job they love, and are madly in love with each other. So what could be wrong? Well, Janie must make a decision. She must choose between the impossible and the choice she makes will change their lives forever.

I am so sad to see this series end. I really like Janie and Cabel and would love for their story to continue.

Eye Contact

Eye Contact by Cammie McGovern

Cara is a single mom to 9 year old Adam, an autistic boy. At recess, Adam disappears into the woods with a new girl, Amelia, who is in his special education class and is later found over her dead body. Adam has never had a friend before and struggles with communication. What made him break the rules and escape recess to enter the woods? How can Cara help the police "unlock" Adam's, the only witness, mind?

The book is a mixture of the struggles parents of autistic children, Cara's life growing up and how she came to have Adam, and of course the mystery of who killed the girl and how much Adam saw. I thought it was a good story.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Good One!

The House on Tradd Street by Karen White

Melanie Middleton is a tough as nails real estate agent who sells old historic homes in Charleston, South Carolina. Even though she sells them, she hates them. She loathes old houses and the memories of her childhood they bring up. Memories of ghosts and the abandonment of her mother. Melanie is trying to land a listing for 55 Tradd Street when the owner, Nevil Vandehoorst, suddenly dies leaving Melanie his estate with the instructions that she must live in the house and restore it.

As if this wasn't stressful enough for Melanie, in walks Jack Trenholm the smug and handsome researcher who writes bestselling books about histories mysteries. Together, they attempt to solve the mysteries of the Tradd Street home as well as the connections between Nevil's family and Melanie's family.

I loved this book. I thought it was a fun read with a litte bit if everything. It was funny, creepy, a little history, a little mystery, a little paranormal, and a slight bit of mild romance. I can't wait to read the next book, The Girl on Legare Street.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Dream Catcher Series #2

Fade by Lisa McMann

Janie and Cabe worked behind the scenes at their local high school to help the police with a drug bust. Now, the police are asking them to help determine which teacher at their school is a dangerous sexual predator. This new assignment places Janie right in the line of danger which Cabe is not sure he can handle.

Loved this one almost as much as the first in the trilogy!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dreamcather Series #1

Wake by Lisa McMann

Janie never really seems to fit in with the kids in her town except her best friend Carrie who lives across the street. Janie's mother is an alcoholic, so Janie is on her own, taking care of herself, the house, the grocery shopping, and working as often as she can so she can afford college.

As if Janie's life wasn't complicated enough, Janie is a dream catcher. She slips into people's dreams whenever they fall asleep near her, which makes sleep over's impossible and high school study hall a total nightmare.

I really loved the first book in this trilogy and have already started book 2!