Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Faithful Place

Faithful Place by Tana French

Frank Mackey, an undercover cop in Dublin, has stayed away from his dysfunctional family for the past 30 years. The night Frank left his family, he had planned to run away with the love of his life, Rosie, to London. When she didn't show up to meet him, Frank assumed she had changed her ind and dumped him. So, Frank kept going, never looking back at the poor neighborhood he grew up in, Faithful Place. But a call from his sister Jackie brings the painful past crashing right back to haunt him. Rosie's suitcase had been found. Hidden. With a note indicating she had planned to leave with Frank. So, what happened to Rosie? And how is Frank's family and neighborhood involved?

I really liked this book. I liked Frank, though at times he wasn't easy to like. I loved the setting and the build up of the story.

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