Thursday, July 15, 2010

Virgin River #4

Virgin River Christmas by Robyn Carr

In the fourth installment of the Virgin River series, a young and beautiful widow named Marcie Sullivan is on a quest for peace of mind and closure. At the age of nineteen, Marcie married her high school sweetheart, Bobby, only to send him off to war where he was injured in Fallujah. His commander, Ian Buchanan, saved Bobby by carrying him out of the danger zone, but Bobby was left paralyzed and unconcious. Afetr three years of caring for Bobby, Marcie became a widow. As the first anniversary of Bobby's death approached, Marcie felt the need to find the reclusive Ian, reconnect, and gain some closure. The search takes Marcie to the mountains and into Virgin River where she meets the whole VR gang.

It was kind of weird reading a Christmas story in July in 90 degree weather, but it was a sweet story and I just love all of the Virgin River characters.


Diane said...

You are good. I could NEVER read a Christmas book in summer...LOL I did like this one though. Did it cool you off?

BookAddict said...

I know, it was kind of weird. It did make me feel cooler ha ha, which I needed after this crazy hot July we are having!