Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ghost Stories

The Myrtles Plantation by Frances Kermeen

I love a ghost story. Even ones that seem a bit far-fetched, they always suck me in. This is the "true" story of Frances Kermeen and her husband Jim Meyers who purchase the Myrtles Plantation in St. Francesville, LA. Frances had always been drawn to New Orleans and loved this particular plantation. They had arrived in the area and decided to purchase an historic property to rehab and it seemed like fate that Myrtles was suddenly on the market. As soon as Frances moved in, she began having ghostly experiences.

Some of the stories seemed exaggerated or far-fetched, but being someone who loves a ghost story - any ghost story - I didn't care! I was drawn in anyway.


Taminator said...

Precisely how I felt about this book, Sharon! Way over the top but still a really good read. I figure about 75% of what she told was true.

Anonymous said...
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