Monday, January 9, 2012

Freedom From PCOS

Freedom from PCOS by Kate Humphrey

Kate Humphrey knows what it is like to live day to day with PCOS. She understands the physical and emotional toll it takes on women. So, I was happy to finally read a book by someone who has been through it. Humphrey recommends a common sense approach to food and exercise. Focusing on fresh, organic, and non-processed foods, moderate exercise (including static cardo and interval), and allowing yourself some treats or slips so that it is a plan one can live with for a lifetime. The third prong of Humphrey's "triple threat" approach is what she calls "natrocuticals." That is, natural supplements that help relieve the symptoms of PCOS.

I found Humphrey's plan easy to follow and the book was easy to read. However, she really tries to sell a particular brand of supplements that happen to be quite expensive. Also, she seemed to be relieved from all of her PCOS symptoms and weight rather quickly. But she was only 30 pounds over weight. Many PCOS'ers have far more to lose. Lastly, I wish she had talked more about the impact on specific symptoms, especially infertility.

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