Thursday, September 9, 2010

So-So Sequel

Chosen to Die by Lisa Jackson

In the follow up to Left to Die, Det. Regan Pescoli has been chosen and captured by the Star Crossed Killer. A diabolical serial killer choosing women for their initials which fit into a secret message he is trying to leave for the police. He lures them to the Bitterroot Mountains of Montana during the worst winter on record, shoots out their tire causing their cars to plummet off a cliff, rescues the women, nurses them back to health and then turns on them, marching them naked to their cold cruel death in the deep woods.

The book was fast paced and just picks up where Left to Die left off which I liked. I didn't really connect with either of the two female detectives in the same way I usually do with characters like them. But it was an enjoyable read all in all.

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