Saturday, February 13, 2010


Identical by Ellen Hopkins

Kaeleigh and Reanne are identical twins from a wealthy and well-known family. Their father is a judge and their ever-absent mother is campaigning for US House of Representatives. However, the seemingly perfect upper middle class family is not so perfect beneath the shiny exterior. There are deep dark secrets each family member is trying to hide that drive them to do the questionable, dangerous, and even evil things each one of them does.

This is another Hopkins book written in free verse. Powerful and gripping, but at times tough to "watch."


Diane said...

This one sounds awesome Sharon. I had not heard of it until your post; thanks

BookAddict said...

Hi Diane-

All of Hopkins books are written in free verse. They are all centered around really tough intense story lines. Very powerful.

Kris said...

I keep passing her books up because they are so thick. I know they would go fast because of how they are written, but still, they are so freaking big. lol