Saturday, August 15, 2009

Finished two today

Because I Am Furniture by Thalia Chaltas

Because I Am Furniture is a YA book about a high school freshman named Anke. Anke's father may put on a perfect front outside the home, but inside the home he is a violent explosive terror, physically and sexually abusing his wife and two other children. Anke vacillates between being horrified at her father's actions and being angry that he doesn't "care enough to abuse her," stating that she is nothing more than a piece of furniture in the house.

This YA, told in verse, packs a powerful punch and could be a good mirror book for young adults dealing with similar nightmares in their own homes.

Swimsuit by James Patterson

There is an international serial killer at work. His varying M.O.'s and brilliant disguises make it nearly impossible to catch the killer. When the beautiful young Kim McDaniel's goes missing while on a photo shoot in Hawaii, ex-cop turned reporter Ben Hawkins gets drawn into the case and into the killer's sights. The killer singles Hawkins out to be the author of his terrifying "tell-all" book.

This is the latest from Patterson and like usual it was fast paced and exciting. There were also a few bits that left me scratching my head and I am still not quite sure what all happened at the end!


Diane said... happy to see you enjoyed these. Another on line friend ended up throwing Swimsuit against a wall, midway through LOL

I've given up on Patterson.

Denise Crawford said...

Both of those sound really good Sharon.

BookAddict said...

Diane- ha ha! I think I know which point said reader decided to throw! I am very lenient with reviews....

Denise- you might hate Swimsuit, but I think you will like Because I Am Furniture

Christine said...

I think I'm going to read this one...I keep having the urge to buy it.-Christine