Friday, July 31, 2009

Who is really being left behind? The students or the educators?

No Teachers Left Behind by HBF (Hopeful But Frustrated) Teacher

No Teachers Left Behind is a fictional look inside an American middle school. The story, told through emails, poetry, and scenes of dialogue, is a sometimes funny sometimes infuriating examination of some of the public school systems short-falls. Schools top heavy with high paid administrators who are little more than figureheads. Teachers over worked and over scheduled with meetings before, during, and after school, not to mention additional duties such as sporting events and buses. No time for effective lesson planning. The consequences of overlooking behavioral issues in an effort to streamline. The lack of resources. The focus on standardized test scores rather than meaningful lifelong learning.

To some readers this work of fiction may seem an exaggeration of the problems many schools face. But for those of us who teach in the public school system, particularly at the middle school level, No teachers Left Behind is a poignant reminder of the uphill battle educators face every single day.

But in the end, as this book reminds us, we do it for the children. To give the children the skills, tools, hopes and dreams necessary for a brighter future.

I recommend this book to any teacher and any parent with a child in the public school system.


Lover of Books said...

This sounds interesting! I may have to look this one up. My kiddo starts kindergarten this fall!

Christine said...

I think I should read this one as well, even though I'm in a different kind of education situation. Thanks for the idea.

BookAddict said...

Christine- I think you would definitely appreciate this book. I think you will like it.

HBF Teacher said...

Thanks for sharing my book with your readers.

Cheryl said...

Thanks for the great review of No Teachers Left Behind. I've recently given a copy to a teaching friend of mine and I can't wait to hear her thoughts on it.

I thought this was a very eye-opening book. I can't wait until HBF comes out with the sequel.

Thanks for hosting HBF today.