Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Terrific Author Event

Last night, my sister and I went to a live book discussion and Q&A with Stephen King and new author, Lauren Grodstein. It was a wonderful event!! It was hosted by Algonquin Books and upon arrival we each got a really nice black canvas tote back with the Algonquin logo. Joe Hill was there (Stephen King's son). I was hoping he would be because he lives in our town. He sat in the row right in front of us (we were second row) and a lot of people tried taking a pic of him (including myself!) but he kept turning away from the cameras.

Stephen King and Lauren Grodstein were excellent! They were both very funny, down to earth, talked to the audience as well as each other. They had a really great in-depth discussion of her book, A Friend of the Family, and took a lot of questions from the audience about writing, etc. They both talked about how they were both big readers and what they love about books.

Lauren's book sounds terrific and my sister and I reach got an autographed copy.

We are lucky to have such an amazing little independent book shop in town and they always do the best events.


vicky1970 said...

Hi there, just found you and know that I will already love you...LOL We are big Patriots and Red Sox fans in our house. We live in CALIF. but hubby is from Boston. :o)
Vicky --- I'm your newest follower.
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BookAddict said...

Thank you so much for checking out this blog, Vicky! This is so funny because I am a life long New Englander and HUGE Pats and Sox fan. But my husband is from California!!! He is from the Santa Cruz area.

BookAddict said...

PS: I see you are a teacher too. I am a 7th grade special education teacher.