Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Polar Bears Past Midnight by Mary Pope Osbourne
Magic Treehouse Series #12

Sofia and I enjoyed our second Magic Treehouse book together. Afterwards, as suggested by her teacher, we went online to and created an account. We followed a really fun online adventure based on the books and earned a medallion. Then Sofia took little quizzes (3 questions each) about the four Treehouse books she has read (two with me, two with her teacher). For each one, she earned a stamp in her Magic Treehouse Passport. She loved doing this and is anxious to read the next book to earn more passport stamps.

In this book, Jack and Annie travel to the arctic where they meet a man in a sealskin coat. They go mushing, play with polar bear cubs, get rescued from the cracking ice by the mama polar bear, and even see the Northern Lights. Sofia and I had read a early reader science book about the Northern Lights a few weeks ago, so she was excited to find a "connection." She is big on finding connections thanks to her amazing teacher!!

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