Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Bodies Left Behind by Jeffrey Deaver

The Bodies Left Behind by Jeffrey Deaver

Deputy Brynn McKenzie is off duty when she gets a call asking her to check out a lake front house bordering a large state park in Wisconsin to follow up on a strange 911 call. Upon arriving at the house, Brynn stumbles across two bodies of a city couple and another woman claiming to be their friend, injured and hiding. From there, The Bodies Left Behind quickly turns into a fast paced cat and mouse chase. Who will prevail? The two men hired to kill, or the two women running for their lives?

I really enjoyed this book by Deaver. My first by him but certainly not my last.


Diane said...

I've read a few Deaver books recently, but not this one. I think I have the audio on my to check it out. Thanks for the review.

Kris said...

I enjoyed this one a lot too!

Miemie said...

Am a fan of Deaver .. He's books are really great.