Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Overlook by Michael Connelly

The Overlook by Michael Connelly

A Harry Bosch Novel

Harry gets called out to a murder scene on the Overlook in the Hollywood Hills. He begins working the homocide case as he would any other, but things quickly turn chaotic when the case gets taken over by the FBI and then turns into a Homeland Security nightmare when it is discovered that a large batch of cessium is missing and possibly in the hands of a well-known and wanted terrorist.

I always enjoy a Harry Bosch novel.


Christine said...

Sharon, I have never tried this author. Is he for me?

Diane said...

I like Harry Bosch too.

BookAddict said...

I don't know Christine. Bosch is kind of a tough guy detective. Smart. Witty. Kind of pushes the boundaries.