Monday, March 2, 2009

Multiple Blessings by Jon & Kate Goseelin and Beth Carson

Multiple Blessings

I am a huge fan of the show Jon and Kate Plus 8 so when I saw the book was out, I was curious to go beyond what we see on tv and learn some more of the back story of this intriguing family. I also knew that Kate, like myself, struggles from PCOS and went through the same fertility treatments I went through. I find it helpful to read another person's similar journey through fertility treatments.

I knew going in that there would be a heavy religious component to the book based on what I have seen from the show, but I felt the bible verses were a bit much. Although, I know it is a big part of the Gosselin's personal belief system and experience so I just ignored them as best I could. My only other complaint is how, just like in the documentary, Kate pretty much skips over the whole PCOS issue. It is literally 1 sentence. Which I fine, I guess, I just wish more people would speak out about PCOS and help raise much needed awareness.

All in all I found this book enjoyable. It was fun to follow the Gosselin's on their journey in a more in depth and personal way.

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Taminator said...

Very interesting! I'd been wondering about this book so it's nice to see what you think about it.